In CURE, not only do you have to defeat your multiplayer opponents, but you also have to navigate and survive against a living and hostile environment. The Immune System is a non-player faction that emulates the human immune system. It is made up of two major parts: Passive and Active defenses.

While an immune system is enabled, it will passively roam around the environment using Macrophages (aka: White Blood Cells). Macrophages search around for foreign contaminants – usually resulting in their demise by phagocytosis. In multiplayer matches in CURE, the immune system will not take sides, so it is best to stay clear of these massive hostile enemies. Once one of your units are found in this way, it can greatly alert the immune system of your presence.

The immune system can also be activated in response to player’s actions. In this case, Macrophages will actively seek out specific areas and units. The amount and types of actions made by any player will impact how aware the immune system is of your units, and once your infection becomes a threat or an annoyance, the immune system can respond with overwhelming force. Certain actions garner more attention than others, for example killing cells is a great way to alert the immune system to your presence. In multiplayer matches the immune system will respond to both you and your opponents, and with enough cunning, you can manipulate this response in a way that greatly impacts your opponents in a very negative way, or you can engineer your units to less visible to the immune system so you can grow quickly without being detected.

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