Genetic Engineering is how you upgrade your units in C.U.R.E. You equip Genes into the DNA sequence of your units in order to make them stronger.

Adding Genes:

When you add a gene to your DNA it will have a chance to be successfully combined with your DNA. If any gene you add to your DNA fails to be combined then all new genes you were trying to add at that time will be lost. The more genes that you add at one time, the lower the likelihood of a successful combination. It is sometimes recommended to add genes one at a time.


Players can add genes to their DNA in such a way that would cause a Paradox, and in these instances, the genes will not be able to be combine with your DNA until the paradox is removed.

Receptors and Effectors:

The receptor and effector colors of each gene must match across your whole DNA sequence, or you will not be able to attempt to combine your genes.

Moving genes:

All newly added genes that have not been combined permanently into the DNA can be moved along the DNA sequence. They can also be remove by dragging them back into the gene inventory. Once a gene has been added to the DNA it cannot be moved.

Removing genes:

All you need to do to remove a permanent Gene from your DNA is toggle the remove gene button on the gene you wish to remove. This will always successfully remove the gene from your DNA, however you will lose the gene in the process, as it is discarded.

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